Winning Website Workshop

Design Your Dream Home + Create 24/7 Results


Reap the benefits of a web designer without the cost! 

As an artist on your journey to the next level, Winning Website Workshop is the fun, simple, and thoughtful way of designing your website as a 24/7 business tool. It's perfect for anyone ready to level up!

Inside this 5-week interactive program:

  • Reconnect with some soul-searching in order to refine and define exactly what YOU are putting out into the world. 
  • Discover easy to adopt brand strategy and web design—no coding required!
  • Create a beautiful new website that YOU made, that authentically represents YOUR essence, and is connected everywhere you may be discovered online.

Here's what you'll get...

Clear + Concise Lessons

Learn my complete process to website design that gets results. I'll be there every step of the way to guide you. 

Q&A Calls + Artist Community

Join me for weekly mentorship calls, alongside a diverse and supportive group of actors, writers, coaches, and more. 

24/7 Training + Annual Updates

While LIVE, work at your own speed. Pause, rewind, and return as needed. Get updated course every March!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We proudly offer full refunds up to 14 days after purchase. Test drive the program 100% risk-free. You have nothing to lose... and so much to gain!

Here's what you can create...

"I've begun getting it in front of more people 'in the business' and the remarks are all positive. I get great feedback on the website and the updates I've done work well, too. What Tony's doing is so precise, so well-grounded, so knowledgeable and experienced that it conveys confidence. You can do it, too."

Tony Lopresti
Actor + Educator, New York, NY

"I didn't have a website, nor did I have a clue how to create one. I still have much to learn, but now know I can do it, AM doing it, and feel I have opened a new world of expression! Do the Winning Website Workshop. That $1,000 is a shortcut to the key things you need to know PLUS advanced skills that it would cost you close to that do on your own; enlisting various services and people. Plus, Tony's far more fun!"

Georgia Buckner
Actor, Chicago, IL

"My online presence? Embarrassing. So much of this business is done online, I wanted something I could be proud of. I wanted a grown up site, but was concerned the results would be cookie cutter or inauthentic—which was completely opposite of my experience. This program was completely personal. The focus was on my goals and taking tangible steps. Tony is a virtual, technical, savvy guide through a confusing world of social media and online presence! I’ve gotten a ton of people asking me who did my website. My visitors are wayyy up and I feel confident knowing that I have a professional site representing me."

Jennifer Noble
Actor, New York, NY

"The biggest value of this class is the final product.... a beautiful and functional website! However, watching Tony's design process and hearing the rationale behind each choice was invaluable. Now that I've had a website for a couple of years, I appreciate what a valuable tool it is. It's a great streamlined way for people to get to know my work and get in touch. For example, a casting director who sees my work onstage can find my website url in my bio and contact me through the site for auditions, which has happened! Plus in my training, I learned all the tools I would need to keep my site up to date. So I feel empowered to add and adjust whenever I feel it's necessary. I have a better understanding of how to compile information about my career in one place, make myself more visible online, and how to use the web for networking."

Daniel Hurst
Actor, Chicago, IL

"My solo play, HOLD THESE TRUTHS (, is currently being produced across the country, and I needed to update its website, but I kept procrastinating because the process seemed so intimidating. Tony’s course on creating a website – clear, engaging and inspiring – was a godsend. Working my way step-by-step through the course, I was able to replace the old website with a new webpage in a matter of days, one I’m tremendously pleased with. I would enthusiastically recommend Tony’s courses to any artist needing help with this, or related efforts. I love that he is always available to help you through the process should you encounter any difficulty, and he is gracious and generous in sharing with you additional valuable tips and insights. Thank you Tony for making these invaluable courses available to our artistic community!"

Jeanne Sakata

Why Me?

Tony Howell, Creator of WWW

Since founding my own company in 2013, my clients include Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winning artists. My work has been featured by Google, Squarespace, SAG-AFTRA, Actors' Equity, and more.

I believe in democratizing power and creating your own opportunities. Together, we'll create a new website that, over time, shows up #1 on Google and helps make your dreams come true.

Still, this isn't just a class about websites. I'm committed to helping you create a legacy—setting you up for long-term, sustainable career success. I'd be honored to have you inside this program and work with you to create results more than 10x your investment.


Make a Website...
Make a Difference!

A percentage of all profits support Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Last year, we raised $1,720.00 for BC/EFA. By joining WWW, you're helping men, women, and children across the country and across the street receive lifesaving medications, health care, nutritious meals, counseling, and emergency financial assistance.


Get a Sneak Peek

Video Training, WERQsheets, LIVE Q&A, and more!

FOUR Bonus Masterclasses

Keep your content fresh with my favorite media creators sharing pro tips!

Answers to Questions

100% of us have fear about putting ourselves "out there" to the world—including me. The problem is? You're already out there. So it's about taking control so that you can always adjust and align your online presence to match exactly who you are (or better) in the real world! Don't let not being super clear about how you want the world to see you stop you. This program is intended to help you create clarity, confidence, and take 100% control.

The course comes with many reflective questions to pull out a clearer sense of what you do want the world to see and specifically who to cater towards. If you're willing to face your fears head on, and start finding solutions to those questions, then this course is for you. However, if you really need guidance in this area and can’t decide how you want to be seen our Branding course “Presence” may be a better fit for you, first. You can get on the waiting list for “Presence” by clicking here.

Would it shock you if we said we are a bit, too? Truth is, we all have a little impostor complex when it comes to technology! Reality check: it isn’t going away and we need to learn to not only live with it, but work with it.

We're all self-taught digital geeks. We'll lovingly and kindly guide you through whatever you need to know or do. Don’t be afraid. We have your back! Our goal is to make this process as Simple, Easy and FUN as it can be!

Signing up for this course is the best place to start!Are you ready to show the world how you wish to be seen and what you have to offer? If so, you're ready. Don't let tech fears or content overwhelm stop you. It's surprisingly easy... and you'll have coaching, support, and accountability to help you through any tricky obstacles. We'll walk you through efficient ways of gathering and organizing content, tips for writing web copy, how to get a domain name, and every step between and after. Even tips for photoshoots! No need to wait until X,Y and Z are done—we will give you tips for A to Z!

What artist isn’t juggling multiple things? The beauty is this class is online, so whenever you have 15 minutes with your computer or smart phone, you can take a moment and continue building your website in bite size pieces. Schedule in 15-30 minutes a day ahead of time so you don’t find yourself with days where there is an hour of work to be done. If you are committed to this investment in your career we know you can find at least 15 minutes a day for the duration of this course.

Fantastic! You can take this program to add a clear strategy and better design. You’ll learn the principles of websites that win work for you! From there, you can either decide to do some renovations on your existing internet home, or follow the step-by-step guides in the course to go from an "apartment" to your “dream home."

This is not a one-size fits all approach—so the course won’t be telling you exactly how things should look, how you should sound, or even how many pages to have. The course is designed for you to bring your best self forward and it presents multiple options that can lead you to success based on tried and true methods of marketing, and design. Enough guidance that anyone can access your website with enough flexibility to let your personality shine through!

WWW is designed specifically for professional artists and creative entrepreneurs—though the principles apply to all. We have actors, writers, composers, choreographers, and more. Most of our community is in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

“Aspiring” artists and entrepreneurs. If you’re not ready to give yourself credit, chances are you still have work to do on your craft. I’d rather you invest your resources (time, money, and energy) into fine-tuning your strengths. When you know what you have to offer the world (your unique value and contributions to the industry), THEN let’s work together on the packaging, positioning, marketing, and selling of that gift.

  • Annual Program (with all of my latest web design trainings available NOW)
  • 6 Easy-to-Understand Modules
  • 27 Step-by-Step Training Lessons (Short Videos + Little Action Steps + Helpful Worksheets)
  • 100% Online (the only 24/7 access to me!)

Inside, there are also detailed worksheets, interactive quizzes, discussion questions, and more. In addition to the core training modules, there's also a bonus section with extra resources and the latest, up-to-date tech trainings on various platforms.

The majority of our clients report back positively that their website helped them get more work in their fields. To us, that is worth it. Check out success stories from WWW and more here.

The reality is that I've spent thousands of dollars and years of my life developing this method. I had to. It is my livelihood and life's work. In any business, you have to stay on top of your game—the learners are the earners! You have to keep learning. 

I ask you how much the results are worth? How valuable is clarity, confidence, and 100% control? If the investment is too much for you right now, please apply to our scholarship programs. Be aware that the prices on these programs may never be this low again. This is a limited time offer for 2019. 

WWW provides consultation from an expert at a third of the cost of having the same expert do the design for you. You'll have access to me and opportunities for 1:1 feedback, you will just have to do the logistics of assembling the pieces. It’s like a chef making your grocery list for you and handing over their recipes!

I'm with you every step of the way! I've designed each program so that you can do it on your own—even if you're not the most tech savvy. I also stay very active in the comments, have Q&A sessions weekly during the LIVE program, and have some special bonus check-ins throughout 2019.  Rest assured you will be fully supported. You can do this!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it won’t work for you. If it’s not for you, I’d rather refund you right away and maintain a great relationship! I know everyone’s business is different. And you’ve probably purchased products that weren’t like anything they were promised to be. That’s why this course comes with a no questions asked 14-day money back guarantee. So you really have nothing to lose.

Upload a short video as a public post on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or preferred social network.

Tell us about yourself and the bigger why behind your work: why you do what you do, and why building a website will help you fulfill your purpose. 

  • Deadline for Scholarship Contest: Saturday, 2/23 @ 1pm EST

  • Announcement of Scholarships: Sunday 2/24 @ 10am EST

"I spent money, time and effort to obtain new headshots, reels and demos. I felt that the best place to showcase these things was a website. I had tried to build one on my own, but I needed support. What seemed like an impossible thing became possible with Tony's class. I now have a website and can maintain it myself. Tony is inspiring—positive, personal, professional and passionate about the business! All of this comes through in his teaching, and I was so excited for every class!"

Bonnie Borst
Actor, Houston, TX

"My web presence was not great! I had a website that functioned, but it was difficult to find on Google. It was not mobile-friendly, and since I didn’t design it, I had to reply on a third party to make edits. I wanted a new website and I wanted to be in control of it and I wanted it to help me get work. I made saving for it a priority investment in my career. Tony provides the gift of relief. The gift of confidence I now have. The gift of being seen. He provides sleek, user-friendly, professional media strategies, help, education, and a dash of therapy for artists who want a digital footprint. I adore that Tony taught me what to do so that I could make edits as I go along. I’m not reliant on someone else making updates—I can do it myself. But if I forget how to do something, I have all the videos so I may go back and review, or if I need extra help, I know I can schedule an appointment and get extra help! I love Tony and recommend him all the time. Terrific value and investment. "

Holly Anne Williams
Actor, New York, NY

"If you're like me, you're afraid to try something new, even though it's meant to help your career? Before this course, I felt lost. I didn't want to use 'Building Website for Dummies. I felt like asking for help was subjecting myself to unqualified people. Squarespace is what I prefer now. Good customer/technical service has reduced my anxiety about working on my site alone after the course is finished. Friends and family love my Cover Page, and are excited about my official launch. I'm also surprised at how many local popular Chicago actors do not have their own website! I'm about to be the 'new girl in town' all over again. Save up to take WWW. It's well worth it."

Monette McLin
Actor, Chicago, IL

"When I first signed up for Tony’s online course, I had an idea for a new business, but lacked the necessary skills to fully realize how to form and market it. It was just this super fun idea that ended up getting some unexpected traction, and I realized I would have to update my mind and skillset completely in order to stay on a train that was flying out of the station. I was surprised and thrilled to learn that Tony’s teaching method offered immediate solutions that pin pointed exactly what I needed, right when I needed it! The course was changing my life in noticeable ways from the very first lesson! I watched, applied, watched and applied, absolutely loving his laser focused specifics. Within just a few months (and not even half-way through the whole course) my business idea became a clear game plan, I created and claimed it’s title name, formed it’s LLC, designed its brand, and launched it across all social media platforms—which got the attention of a funding producer who is now in the process of pitching it to networks in the US and Britain! And again, I'M NOT EVEN HALF WAY THROUGH THE WHOLE COURSE, and am psyched at everything I still have left to learn and apply! Tony’s course was the best thing I could have done to get my career on track (while twirling with anxiety and overwhelm). Thank you, Tony!"

Ellen Z. Wright
CEO, Apartment Rehab NYC

Something Clicking?

This is the entire process for web design + strategy that I've used on hundreds of clients—including the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winning clientele. You can do this! Walk away feeling fully equipped and prepared to flip the switch.


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