Social Media for Artists: Saving Time, Money + Sanity


Leverage social media, unlock more work!

Stories shape us and impact the world we live in. Whether you're a seasoned pro or resistant beginner, you must use social media intelligently and with great purpose—especially as an artist.

Inside this interactive program:

  • Discover trade secrets to not only grow followers, but book more work!
  • Know exactly what to post, when, where, and how… even have it scheduled months in advance!
  • Save time so you can get off of your phone and back to doing what you were born to do!

  • Create a healthier relationship with social media; scrolling and sharing.

"Tony doesn’t just teach basic do's and don'ts, but he really works to help everyone capture their unique essence online and that's what I love most. Tony's advice to me when I first started the course, was to distill my goals down to one goal to focus on at first. Once you know your goal then you can define your audience. I'd been describing myself as a real-life Kimmy Schmidt meets Amy Adams. It took me some time, but I booked my first co-star role on none other than Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. And I produced my own short-film as a princess in NYC that screened at a film festival. I am still much stronger with Instagram than Twitter, but I've learned how to use both to my advantage in terms of connecting with my audience and furthering relationships. They're pretty powerful tools once you learn how to use each one!"

Rebecca Knowles
Actor + Producer

"Tony’s information is invaluable. What really convinced me before I enrolled was the fact that it is lifetime access—meaning you get all future classes and live streams with guests. You also become part of a supportive community of artists who are equally busy, but who have also utilized Tony's expertise. Tony is always accessible—answers every question with truth and honest feedback. He genuinely cares and provides individual feedback. My online game is now strong. I know how to use social media well and I adapt to the different platforms to reach my targeted audiences. I'm grateful for all that I learned and that I continue to learn. Thank you Tony, for being on the cutting edge of technology!"

Richarda Abrams

Here's what you'll get...

Clear + Concise Lessons

Learn my complete process to gain clarity, confidence, and control of your social media.

Q&A Calls + Community

Join me for LIVE mentorship calls, alongside a diverse and supportive group of actors, writers, coaches, and more. 

24/7 Training + Annual Updates

Work at your own speed: pause, rewind, and return as needed. Get updated course every September!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We proudly offer full refunds up to 24 hours after purchase. Test drive the program 100% risk-free. You have nothing to lose... and so much to gain!

Here's a sneak peek inside!

Step-by-step video training, fun WERQsheets, weekly LIVE Q&A, and much more!

FOUR Bonus Masterclasses

Keep your content fresh with my favorite creators sharing their PRO tips!

Here's what you can create...

"I had a website that I wasn't pleased with and I didn't have any strategy for how to approach my online presence. I felt like it was a big job, but I was excited—because Tony is awesome. He is a knowledgeable, calm, and fantastic guide for how to approach one's online presence without it feeling too overwhelming. I love Tony’s way of looking at social media—he knows it is based in being real people first. I trust all his advice and have learned so much from his course. Even if you think you know how to use social media, I guarantee this class will blow your mind. Brilliant—showed me how to use social media in a way I had never conceived of. It’s just so wonderful to have someone who has knowledge in the area, and is a guru in this online world! I love his holistic approach to the work! "

Shiloh Goodin
Artist + Entrepreneur

"What Tony's doing for artists is nothing short of amazing. It feels creative and collaborative! He offers a full-service menu that allows you to pick and choose based on your needs. For me, I wanted to build my brand with consistency and create a larger social footprint. I lacked a real understanding of the power of social media, and my web presence was pretty basic. So, I turned to Tony! He not only has expert knowledge of all of the different platforms, but he also has the ability to break things down into bite-sized pieces in order to teach those less media savvy how to succeed in this social media driven world. I have gained some great insight and some solid techniques to bring my presence to the next level. I’m much more savvy about social and the impact it has on my brand. I was able to fine tune my messaging and have a clear social impact."

Alison Mahoney

"Tech overwhelm kept my online presence pretty nonexistent! Social media was something I'd been avoiding, mostly out of fear. However, my career demanded it. Tony is incredibly knowledgeable and generous with his expertise. He is so passionate about what he does—and it comes out so clearly in all his trainings! He tailors his programs to the individual's needs. His focus on branding makes the work more meaningful. Tony makes social media accessible and not so overwhelming! I learned a tremendous amount and have gone from a nonexistent online presence to a healthy, growing one!"

Rachel Errington

"This course has shown me clear steps for how to manage my online presence and keep moving forward. It costs less than hiring a social media expert to work on your business for a month, and it gives you all the tools to do it for yourself forever. This combination of systems, feedback and lasting tools constitutes an unbelievable value. I simply couldn't recommend this course more highly!"

Bonnie Swencionis

Why Me?

Tony Howell, Creator of Smartists

Since 2013, I'm a Digital Strategist for Artists—committed to setting you up for long-term, sustainable career success. Clients include Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winners, and my work has been featured by Google, Squarespace, SAG-AFTRA, Actors' Equity Association, and more. 

I believe in democratizing power and creating your own opportunities and success through digital. I'd be honored to lead you through this program and help you become a #SMARTIST! 



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Answers to Questions

What artist or creative entrepreneur isn’t juggling multiple things? The beauty is that this class is online, so whenever you have 15 minutes with your computer or smart phone, you can take a moment and continue building your website in bite size pieces. Schedule in 15-30 minutes a day ahead of time so you don’t find yourself with days where there is an hour of work to be done. If you are committed to this investment in your career we know you can find at least 15 minutes a day for the duration of this course.


Newsflash: technology isn’t going away and we need to learn to not only live with it, but work with it. Truth is, we all have a little impostor complex when it comes to technology! My team and I are all self-taught digital geeks. We'll lovingly and kindly guide you through whatever you need to know or do. Don’t be afraid. We have your back! Our goal is to make this process as Simple, Easy and FUN as it can be!


I'm proud of you! Still... there's always more to learn. Don't make the mistake of thinking you know everything. Take the beginner's approach or a growth mindset. In addition to some mindfulness (as a conscious consumer and creator), I'll give you some proven marketing/advertising/conversion tactics. We cover everything from starting a new account to analytics and ad campaigns. C'mon! Join us!!! 


This class is perfect for you! Honestly, we all hate it a little bit... but it's not going away. We must learn to not only live with it, but leverage it. That's why I created this program and I'd be honored if you'd give it a shot. 


Through 6 classes of interactive learning, you’ll learn how to save time, money, and SANITY on social media.

This includes effective day-to-day habits and systems, growth strategies, productivity tips, and beginner to advanced trainings on all of the major networks.  

Spelled out more clearly...

  • The 2019 version of this annually recurring program (which means you'll always have my latest training 24/7)
  • 6 easy-to-understand modules (so you won't be overwhelmed)
  • 32 step-by-step video training lessons + companion WERQsheets (to implement the trainings)
  • LIVE group calls + private Facebook community

...and a growing library of bonuses, including new masterclasses on analytics and ads!


The schedule is TBD, but they will run from 3/30 to 5/29, with additional calls in Fall 2020.


No problem! I totally understand that life happens: appointments, gigs, vacations, etc. You can submit your questions in advance and catch the replays. Hakuna Matata!


Smartists is designed specifically for professional artists and creative entrepreneurs—though the principles apply to all. We have actors, writers, composers, choreographers, and more. Most of our community is in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

“Aspiring” artists and entrepreneurs. If you’re not ready to give yourself credit, chances are you still have work to do on your craft. I’d rather you invest your resources (time, money, and energy) into fine-tuning your strengths. When you know what you have to offer the world (your unique value and contributions to the industry), THEN let’s work together on the packaging, positioning, marketing, and selling of that gift.

I'm with you every step of the way. I've designed each program so that you can do it on your own—even if you're not the most tech savvy. I also stay very active in the comments and have some special bonuses planned for 2019+.  Rest assured you will be fully supported. You can do this!

This course comes with a no questions asked 24-hour money back guarantee. So you really have nothing to lose... it's 100% risk-free. If you purchase the program and decide it’s not for you, I’d rather refund you! That said... I've never had anyone ask for a refund. It's good stuff! 


"Your course has given me more clarity on who I am as a performer and how I am reflecting myself online. Since the course, I've been offered two films through social media!"

Simone McIntyre

"Tony is awesome. He is the person who first gave me guidance on social media (I'm now almost 10K followers from about 300.) Tony is super smart and very up on today's branding and digital platforms. There's a lot of into to take in, but take it step-by-step and you will see great results. Highly recommend."

Leslie Becker
The Organized Actor

"Tony Howell is a social media rock star for artists and an outstanding human in every way. "

VP Boyle
Creative Director

"Tony provides a large amount of information in clear and concise training. Some concepts seem too simple to be effective, but you would be surprised at how the simplest steps can make a world of difference! Some concepts are a little more complex, but Tony makes sure to guide you smoothly along the journey. The process was exciting and fun. It fit easily into my already hectic schedule. I now have made some VIP connections and learned how to post quality content with effective strategies to maximize impact on social media."

Geoffrey Mergele

"By stepping back and asking myself some important questions, I am more grounded in the artist that I am and where I am going. I am much more aware of the need for connecting and reaching out via social networks. I have a newfound awareness of what role social media plays and am working on incorporating these new skills into my daily life."

Mike Lesser

"Tony provides so many practical, specific and smart tips to help you with social media. It’s to the point, enlightening and filters out the essential information you need to succeed and therefore saves you time."

Mesic Leyla

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Take the steps needed to reach more people and create your digital legacy. From creating an account to examining your analytics, this is the entire social method that I've used on hundreds of clients—including Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winning clientele.


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