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Why Email Excellence?

Every day you're sending a receiving messages: some conscious and some sub-conscious. Email is very personal, yet most people don't think about it—as evidenced by "Sent from my iPhone" on EVERY message. Do not forsake this powerful pillar of your online presence!

Inside this NEW Annual Program:

  • Take 100% control of all things email: addresses, inboxes, signatures, subscribers, marketing, and networking.
  • Create a 24/7 safety net of support (and source of  money on-demand) with a list of VIP subscribers—your social media insurance policy!
  • Save time with smart filters, easy templates, copy-and-paste scripts and potentially streamline to ONE inbox!
  • Make yourself look as fancy and global as Beyoncé!

14 Lessons

No longer reserved for private clients, learn my process to establishing email excellence + equanimity.

24/7 Accessibility

Anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Work at your own pace—pause, rewind, and return as needed.

100% Guaranteed

Test drive the program completely risk-free. We proudly offer full refunds up to 14 days after purchase.

Why Me?

Tony Howell, Creator of Email Excellence

Since 2013, I'm a Digital Strategist for Artists—committed to setting you up for long-term, sustainable career success. Clients include Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winners, and my work has been featured by Google, Squarespace, SAG-AFTRA, Actors' Equity Association, and more. 

I believe in democratizing power and creating your own opportunities and success through digital. I'd be honored to lead you through this program to help you get offline results from your daily emails.

"Tony is a man of many talents. He is the perfect blend of career coach, marketing guru, and technical/design expert. While my various pursuits can feeling overwhelming, Tony helped me zero in on naming goals that live at the intersection of Art & Commerce. His ability to evaluate my digital presence and provide a comprehensive road map is extraordinary!"

Mara Jill Herman
Actor + Entreprenuer

"I did everything myself for the last 10 years. I had pretty basic knowledge of email, but didn't have anything under one umbrella. I was nervous giving up control and paying for an expensive service, but Tony was clear about his vision for me. He also knew the tools to help me, and my past history from an outside perspective. Tony offers clear goals, as well as and outcomes with efficiency and timelines! I now only have ONE inbox for everything. Coaching request forms are more efficient, and I learned how to customize template responses on emails and how to keep my brand and messaging consistent."

Natalie Weiss
Artist + Entrepreneur

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14 Lessons

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Answers to Questions

Email Excellence is designed specifically for professional artists and creative entrepreneurs—though the principles apply to all. We have actors, writers, composers, choreographers, and more. Most of our community is in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

“Aspiring” artists and entrepreneurs. If you’re not ready to give yourself credit, chances are you still have work to do on your craft. I’d rather you invest your resources (time, money, and energy) into fine-tuning your strengths. When you know what you have to offer the world (your unique value and contributions to the industry), THEN let’s work together on the packaging, positioning, marketing, and selling of that gift.

  • Annual Program (with all of my latest email trainings available NOW)
  • 4 Easy-to-Understand Modules
  • 14 Step-by-Step Video Training Lessons
  • 100% Online (the only 24/7 access to me!)

Inside, there are also detailed worksheets, interactive quizzes, discussion questions, and more. In addition to the core training modules, there's also a bonus section with extra resources and the latest, up-to-date tech trainings on various platforms.

I'm with you every step of the way. I've designed each program so that you can do it on your own—even if you're not the most tech savvy. I also stay very active in the comments and have some special bonuses planned for 2019+.  Rest assured you will be fully supported. You can do this!

The reality is that I've spent thousands of dollars and years of my time and energy on developing this method. I had to. It’s my livelihood and life's work. In any business, you have to stay on top of your game—the learners are the earners! You have to keep learning. I ask you how much the results are worth? How valuable is clarity, confidence, and 100% control? If the investment is too much for you right now, please apply to our scholarship programs in 2019, but beware that the prices on these programs will never be this low again. This is a limited time special launch offer.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it won’t work for you. If it’s not for you, I’d rather refund you right away and maintain a great relationship! I know everyone’s business is different. And you’ve probably purchased products that weren’t like anything they were promised to be. That’s why this course comes with a no questions asked 14-day money back guarantee. So you really have nothing to lose.

"Tony in one word is brilliant! He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, strategic, professional, and he truly wants to see you succeed! I would definitely recommend working with Tony!"

Tara Bradford

Ready to change the world?

Communication is key. This is the entire email method (from creating your account to sending mass emails and analyzing your results) that I've used on hundreds of clients—including Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Olivier, and Tony award-winning clientele. Get your messages out there with power, professionalism, and plenty of your personality!

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